Friday 15 April 2011

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!


Hold on, let me just turn down ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ and then we can talk properly

(dum!....dum dum dum!....dum dum dum!....dum dum dum!! do do do do...dodo do do do...)

That’s better. As you can probably tell there’s excitement in the air here at Confusion HQ today; Kev has spent the whole morning sprinting up and down the stairs, bouncing like a kangaroo at the top and yelling ‘Adriaaaaaaan’, while I decided to try my hand at a bit of shadow boxing - but when I saw how big the ex-Gladiator actually is I ran away and hid under my desk crying.

What’s brought on our sudden pugilist infatuation? News has reached us via a tweet that the gloves are being laced up and 2011’s head to head ‘Chart Off’ competitors are only a matter of weeks away from stepping out of the gym and into the ring! Very exciting!

'Chart what??' I hear you cry.  Well those of you who were familiar with The Sound Of Confusion in its previous incarnations, will be aware that for the preceding two calendar years Kev and I have engaged in a music themed bet. No money has changed hands, (we're both too tight) it's merely been about bragging rights...and oh how I've bragged. This time round we've opted to go for a full on assault at the hit parade and picked one female songstress each who we believe is destined for daytime radio playlists. Come the end of the year the artist with the most uk chart success will be declared the winner - simple as that. So who exactly is limbering up for the ring walk?

In the red corner representing Kev and The Sound Of Confusion we have Alex ‘Anthems’ Winston, while fighting out of the blue corner, on behalf of me and The Found Of Confusion, we have Hannah ‘Hitmaker’ Yadi. I think it goes without saying that we are both supremely confident that our artist will be the one standing proud and holding the championship belt come the end of December, but to help you neutrals make up your minds let's become a little more familiar with the girls in question:



We're far to polite to ask exactly but rest assured both ladies fit perfectly in the 'potential pop star' age backet

Do you think we're mad!! If we didn't ask the last question we're certainly not asking this one!!! Let's get to specifics.


LOCATION: London town and the green pastures of southern England
LABEL: Warner Brothers
STYLE:  Booming beats add considerable power to her electrifying combinations. A student of the art, her vocals display excellent technique and finesse, while her sharp lyricism will pick apart even a textbook defence.
RECORD: Gold; Guillotine; Heartbroken; Willow; Nothing Left;


LOCATION: Detroit 'Motor City', Michigan, U S of A.
LABEL: Island Records
STYLE: Great variety in her approach makes her an unpredictable opponent, especially when coupled with her unorthodox vocal stance. Will also pack significant strength into her drum loops but disguises it well with her quick light footwork around melody.
RECORD: Choice Notes; Sister Wife; Medicine; Locomotive, Sweet James


Naturally with a contest this close everybody want to know what sort of mindset the competitors are approaching the event with. Earlier in the year Yadi was kind enough to take some time out from her intensive training camp and offered us this comment with regard to the fight of the year .

'I will do my absolute best, for myself and the rest of the world, but mainly for your bet. I understand how important these things are and I don't want to let you down!......COME ON LETS DO IT!'

That's champions talk! At this time Miss Winston has not made any comment....or Kev is playing his cards very close to his chest and keeping me out the loop.

So there we have it ladies and gents, the contenders in all their glory. We're anticipating singles from both over the coming months so it's time to place your bets and pick your sides, will you be a 'Winston Warrior' or are you part of 'Team Yadi', let us know.

The battle starts here!


For more info on Alex Winston see the links provided here
Further info on YADi will be provided on the 'Found Of Confusion' blog page in the near future.

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