Tuesday 26 April 2011

Parts & Labor - Constant Future

Album review by KevW

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Those of us who were blown away by the Brooklyn trio's last album will be overjoyed to know that Constant Future continues along the more experimental path they battered their way down on 2008's Receivers.

Thundering drums reverberate over the entire record, warped electrical squelches and glitches are used liberally throughout, and vocals bellow with the passion and belief that Paul Banks would like to think he has. This is an album of incredible power. And while it's all very well being innovative and generating an avalanche of sound tumbling out of the speakers, if you don't have the tunes to go with it then things can feel a little cold.

Parts & Labor compliment this kind of inventive approach with a great pop sensibility - tunes are something they have in abundance. Just check quaking behemoths like 'Rest', 'Pure Annihilation', 'Fake Names' or the title track for proof. It's the anthemic 'A Thousand Roads' which provides the high point though, with a chorus big enough to put most other bands' efforts to shame. Left-field, original, heartfelt, a mixture of analogue and digital – but with actual songs?
I hope you're taking notes, Radiohead.

Parts & Labor - "A Thousand Roads" (from "Constant Future") by YiN Magazine

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