Friday 8 April 2011

The Low Behold - Signs

EP review by KevW

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Whatever the problems currently affecting the UK, a shortage of synth-pop duos isn't one of them. 'Signs' is the debut release from two piece The Low Behold, made up of Canadian vocalist Lisa Lorenz and Londoner Andy Leary.

The EP is unashamedly pop, but it's classy rather than a cash in and has clearly been well thought out rather than pilfered. The title track positions itself somewhere between the early electronica of The Human League and the more blissed out ambience of The Beloved. The two go together surprisingly well. 'English As A Second Language' packs a bit more punch but strays a little too close to the pop disasters dished out by Anastasia and the like – mind you, it would be the best track that that artist had made. Last up is the acoustic/electronic thrum of 'Every Now And Then'. Again pleasant enough but maybe a little too clean and you can't help but feel a little more edge wouldn't go amiss

So not a perfect EP by any means, however there are some promising touches and the forthcoming debut album could well contain a few quality pop moments.

Signs (Radio Edit) by The Low Behold

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