Monday 18 April 2011

Five For Free #6

More top free tunes to download.

1) Memory Tapes - Today Is Our Life

There are signs that Dayve Hawk (aka Memory Tapes) is moving away from the Chillwave sound that made up parts of his debut album, with the term "psychedelic girl group music" being used by the man himself. The album is due out in the summer and this new track appears on a Something In Construction compilation, or you can grab it free below. It's up there with the best he's made.

Free download: Today Is Our Life

Memory Tapes on Myspace

Buy the single.

2) Graham Coxon, Paloma Faith & Bill Ryder-Jones - Desire

Yes that really is the Blur man and the former Coral guitarist teaming up with, uh, Paloma Faith. The trio have got together for this free download as a promotion for indie footwear stalwarts Converse (I'm guessing they didn't pay for the shoes in the picture). Coxon told NME "It’s like kinda tripped out voodoo sort of London town thing." Not sure I'd agree - it's more like Juicebox by The Strokes with a little more production, duetting with The Kills. It shouldn't work, but it does.

Stream or download the track free from Converse

3) Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross - White Sun

'White Sun' is taken from Chicago duo Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross' 'Blow EP'. The laid back piano and beats hide the sad tale at the heart of the song, and it manages to sound both conventional and experimental at the same time. Weird. It also should be noted that it makes the repeated cries of "yay!" sound like they're being bellowed by a pirate. Like I said... weird - and wonderful.

Free download: White Sun

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross on Myspace

Buy the EP.

4) Evaline - Hours

These Californians do Big British Guitar Music better than most current Brits themselves. They're heading over this summer for a few gigs and festivals and could end up being a better alternative than the hit and miss Morning Parade who are creating a similar noise. Once again it's a fine line - a hint of success and they could begin to style themselves as a U2/Kings Of Leon type stadium rock band, but for the time being they're just fine as they are.

Free download: Hours

Evaline on Myspace

Buy the EP.

5) Low - Especially Me

This is the second track from the new album to be given to us for free by the kind people of Low. Their ninth EP has been the most successful to date chart-wise (it broke the UK top 50 last week!) and also recieved the customary wall to wall great reviews that accompany each of their releases. A twinkling, throbbing, haunting songwriting masterclass as always.

Free download: Especially Me

Low on Myspace

Buy the album.

The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

The Sound Of Confusion on Facebook

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