Monday 25 April 2011

Five For Free #7

More free ear candy.

1) The Van Doos - Is This The One (demo)

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of 2 or 3 piece bands in the last few years? Whether this is down to falling record sales, the recession in general or just plain coincidence I have no idea. But why add extra fat to a band when you can make tunes this good as you are? English trio The Van Doos have just put out this excellent guitar-pop track as their second free download, ahead of a planned EP release in the summer.

Download 'Is This The One' from musicglue

The Van Doos on Myspace

2) 2.54 - Cold Front

This London duo comprising of sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow create menacing, early 90s influenced, ice-cool indie rock. It's no wonder the UK press have been getting themselves a little over excited by them, and with a European tour planned for May (part of which is supporting Wild Beasts) the fever looks set to spread. Grab a free download of single 'Cold Front', and then head to their myspace page to hear more tunes or pick up the 7"s.

Free download: Cold Front

2.54 on Myspace

3) The Music - Ghost Hands

After months of speculation The Music finally confirmed they would be splitting after a few farewell gigs in the summer. As a parting gesture they've given us this track from the abandoned 4th album sessions as a free website download. Whether more unreleased tracks will surface remains to be seen, but if the anthemic 'Ghost Hands' is an indication of the sounds they were coming up with, it's a huge shame that they're calling it a day. My personal guess it that we may not have seen the last of them just yet...

Free download: Ghost Hands

The Music's website.

4) Team Me - Dear Sister

Maybe the economy's doing a bit better in Norway. Originally a one man project, Oslo's Team Me have swollen to seven members. Fresh from some dates supporting British Sea Power they released their official debut EP in the UK, with an album to follow later in the year. 'Dear Sister' is the kind of well crafted, beautifully arranged indie that they do so well in that part of the world - with added harmonies. Hit the download arrow to save it, or the play button to stream it below.

Team Me - Dear Sister by Anorak London

Team Me's website

Buy The EP.

5) Moon Duo - Mazes

Another happy couple in music - Wooden Shjips' Ripley Johnson has teamed up with his other half Sanae Yamada to release an album of psychedelic drone rock, similar to his other band but with a slightly poppier edge. The muddy vocals and insistent beats are all there, but here they've been given more melody and light. Their (very acclaimed) album was out last week, for a free sample stream or download the title track.

Moon Duo - Mazes by souterraintransmissions

Moon Duo's website

Buy the album.

The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

The Sound Of Confusion on Facebook

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