Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Occasional Flickers - Capitalism Begins at Home

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You could say that the spiritual home of indiepop will always be Scotland. It's mainly the Glasgow scene of the 1980s that launched the careers (many of them fairly short) of the bands who are still emulated today, but Edinburgh has had its fair share of the action too. Now a worldwide cult, the genre has strongholds in Scandinavia, Japan, America and many other countries. Cloudberry Records have done a grand job of flying the flag for those with a passion for DIY guitar-pop for some time, so the label's release of this new single by Edinburgh's (with Greek members!) The Occasional Flickers feels like a natural coming together.

Complete with a fun, DIY video to go with it, 'Capitalism Begins At Home' is everything you'd expect from the genre and has a sound that could be described as timeless, but by timeless we really mean "from any point since about 1983". There's plenty of melody of course, the drums steer well clear of flamboyant solos, as do the scratchy guitars; we all know this style of music is about the songs and not the musicians, so what is needed to make this a catchy and enjoyable listen is done and anything surplus to requirements is avoided. It's exactly what you're hoping for.

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