Friday, 6 September 2013

LublinMan - Windy Emptiness

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Some people say that the internet, due to it making it easier to communicate with musicians and track their every move, as well as hear songs in their original rough incarnations, has taken some of the mystique out of music. Ziggy Stardust wouldn't have worked if Bowie spent months beforehand tweeting pictures and ideas and asking for fans opinions, and then posting demos online to see what the response would be. It worked because that being he created appeared from space, not from Facebook. LublinMan is helping to keep the mystery alive.

This was our introductory email: "Have you heard about LublinMan? Polish-Brazilian who sings in english. What?" (sic). No we hadn't, so we went to our old friend Google where we learned that Lublin is a Polish city, and that LublinMan has a Myspace and Google+ page, neither of which has any further info (or anything much at all) on. So it's quite a nice change really. The song, 'Windy Emptiness', sounds as though it began as an acoustic guitar track, but layers of sound and strange noises have been added to craft something that's a touch more psychedelic, eclectic and generally more interesting. It's a unique sound that he's got, and one we like a lot. If it turns out to be Simon Cowell under an alias we won't really care, because (and this is becoming our mantra) it's the tunes that count. And this is a tune.

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