Tuesday, 3 September 2013

King Of Cats/Ides - I Like What You Say (Split single)

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

The split 7" single has been a staple of independent music since the initial DIY days of the '70s. A medium by which two bands could get exposure and share the cost, plus the label would have double the fanbase to flog the things to which would in turn lead to them hopefully scraping together enough funds to make for another single further down the line. The split single never really went away, but with the advent of download culture and the resurgence of vinyl as a favoured format among many music fans there seem to be more bands sharing headline duties on pieces of plastic these past few years.

The music here is perfect for the format too. First up is Oxford's King Of Cats with the lo-fi and crude, bluesy indie-rock of 'Bright Lightbulbs'. Vocal chords are damaged, guitars and drums are employed lazily and occasionally the song stumbles upon direction. Particularly at its mid-point when the grungy fuzz threatens to become a proper song for a while. It's both nostalgic and enjoyable. London's Ides we featured recently, and here she is also a little lazy with the guitar, although the vocals are warm and rich. 'Chokehold' is another fine song and shows further hints that she could eventually become much better known. The track is little more than scuzzy guitar and that voice but nothing more is needed. As Pink Floyd once said - a nice pair.

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