Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ancient Times - Nightschool/Hieroglyphic

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Formats formats formats. We're hearing as much about them as about music at the moment. Is this because of a lull in decent musical creation? Is it the industry trying to reclaim a bigger piece of the pie? Or should we just blame Jack White? I hope you all enjoyed Cassette Store Day at the weekend, and please let me know of you found something called a "cassette store", because even growing up in the '80s and '90s such things never existed. You bought a tape from a record shop. Anyway, before I risk detracting from the music, Ancient Times are yet another piece in the giant puzzle of Brighton's thriving music scene.

This double A-side single was released on limited cassette a while ago, and will soon be released as a limited 7" by Scottish label Soft Power Records. 'Nightschool' is a good track, and it sounds like something you would have heard on The Evening Session in 1994. If you're wondering, that's a compliment. This is very much "indie" music held together with Sellotape and Blu-Tack, and this is to its credit. The winner here is 'Hieroglyphic' (and not just because I managed to spell it correctly first go, without looking and without spell check!). 'Nightschool' has delightful melodies flowing right through it, but here they're even better, plus the song has a more stately feel; it somehow sounds more important. There's a hint of a lo-fi Smiths about the delivery, but it's not close enough to warrant any calls for plagiarism in any way. It's simply a fantastic tune.

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