Monday, 15 July 2013

X priest X - Samurai

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This is the first track made public by Florida's X preist X, but they promise us there's more to come. The trio consists of vocalist Madeline Priest, with the two "X's" of the equation being producers Dave Kazyk and Chandler Strang who is also a member of the group Saskatchewan. The three began working together earlier this year and on the evidence of this track, it's not only Strang who has previous experience of making music. This is hardly the work of amateurs and if they have more of the same then there's a good chance of the project becoming a big success.

Dealing in upbeat electro-pop, 'Samurai' isn't a million miles away from something that La Roux could have made (or maybe have made, they must have done something in the time since that debut album), although the vocal is less shrill and a little smoother. The brittle electronic beats have an '80s feel to them, but it the bass that drives the song rather than any percussion. The low, throbbing beat it creates is the engine room as opposed to just something to fill the song and give depth. With a few neat synth lines and some handclaps and they have themselves a very good tune.

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