Monday, 15 July 2013

Thomas Azier - Ghostcity

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Berlin-based electro-pop artist Thomas Azier follows up his single 'Angeline' from earlier this year with another track that aims to fulfill his ambition of preventing music from simply becoming a background to life, a kind of musical wallpaper that everyone has and hears but no-one ever really pays attention to. It still seems that electronic music such as this is possibly the most difficult genre to pick when hoping to achieve this task, as the problem really began with chill-out albums and muzak, but he's doing a valiant job and his music does have a little extra spark to many electronica practitioners.

There's a tendency when talking about music from Germany or from eastern Europe (this song was recorded in an old Soviet factory with the aim of capturing a sense of desolation) to think back to the same old names from the 1970s, but Azier is aiming for his music to sound futuristic, not retro. 'Ghostcity' has that industrial sound that you'd expect and it doesn't sound like something from the past, but neither does it sound like something from the future. With its moody verses and big chorus, 'Ghostcity' sounds one-hundred percent now, and with so many others looking backwards it's difficult to argue with that too much.

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Catch him live:

Aug 03 Savaza Festival, Kácov, Czech Republic
Aug 31 Torstrassenfestival, Berlin, Germany
Sep 17 Cafe De La Danse, Paris, France
Sep 18 Stereolux, Nantes, France

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