Wednesday 24 July 2013

Five For Free #201

Black Onassis - Brain (featuring Ben Gautrey)

You may not expect much from a solo project by ex Kasabian member Chris Karloff, but you'd be wrong to do so. His album as Black Onassis is out in the autumn and features members of The Duke Spirit, M83, and in the case of the excellent single 'Brain', Ben Gautrey from The Cooper Temple Clause. It looks like 'Desensitized' could be a very good album.

Black Onassis' website

Susy Blue - Wish In My Dish

More treats from Melbourne's thriving music scene. Susy Blue are actually a rather large musical collective rather than a solo artist, although it does appear that the instigator is vocalist and instrumentalist Susan Hull, so we assume she's the Susy in question. The summery indie/pop/folk of 'Wish In My Dish' might pilfer some of its melody, but that doesn't prevent it being a super sweet treat.

Susy Blue's website

Sundara Karma - Freshbloom

This will be the debut single from Sundara Karma, and as far as promising introductions go this is up there with the best we've heard for a while, as the quartet that made 'Freshbloom' are aged 17. People often consider that Brian Wilson was just 23 when he made 'Pet Sounds', well these guys have another six years of development before they hit that age, and they're already making top quality indie like this.

Sundara Karma's website

Kieran And The Iguanas - In The Future

Both Kieran And The Iguanas and this song in particular have been on our radar for a while. We picked this track as a highlight of their demos EP earlier this year, and now the final version arrives. It hasn't taken much to improve the song, just a few tweaks and additions, but it's been worth it and now 'In The Future' is a blissful, laid-back diamond of a tune.

Kieran And The Iguanas' website

Strangers - Sense Of Liberty

Much like their single 'Something New', you get the impression that London synth-pop group Strangers are on the brink of a breakthrough, just that one bit of luck away. New single 'Sense Of Liberty' sounds huge in much the same way that Delphic threatened to do, but this time the commercial appeal is more apparent. Although they may be a little edgy for some, there's enough here to make an impact.

Strangers' website

Catch them live:

Club NME KOKO Fri, Aug 16, KOKO London

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