Monday, 15 July 2013

Violent Soho - In the Aisle

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Let's look at the evidence: have released records on Thurston Moore's label, toured with Dinosaur Jr., played ATP... I think we know where this one's headed. Although called Violent Soho, the quartet are actually from Brisbane, Australia and will be releasing their new album 'Hungry Ghost' in September with 'In The Aisle' being the first single taken from it. As you'd probably guessed, we're talking about loud guitars, plenty of fuzz and distortion and a sound that would have fitted in with any scene from the early stages of grunge in the '80s up to the modern day.

After a few seconds of quiet guitar, 'In the Aisle' explodes into full swing with buzz-saw guitars and a vocal that must test out the strength of your vocal chords. Essentially this is a modern punk song; it's simple in structure, it's full of rage but not anger, it's simply the enthusiasm of the band. They chuck in a big chorus too and they rarely do songs any harm. This track sounds urgent and frantic, but it also sounds melodic and has an oddly poppy side to it considering it's so ferocious. It's one top tune.

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