Friday, 5 July 2013

Wild Smiles - Take Me Away

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Resplendent in black shirts and shades for the video, it's possible to get a rough idea of Wild Smiles' music without even listening to a note. Following their double A-side single 'Tangled Hair'/'Sweet Sixteen' from earlier this year, the Hampshire trio release 'Take Me Away' on Monday, again on the excellent Invada label. It may only be a few months down the line, and the songs may even have been written at the same time, but listening to this track you can detect an increase in intensity, confidence and quality. Perhaps the band are still progressing (they began initially s a solo project, so changes have taken place) or perhaps they've just saved one of the best songs in their arsenal for a summer release to coincide with a handful of festival appearances, including a certain gig in Hyde Park with some geezers called The Rolling Stones...

Whatever the reason, 'Take Me Away' is an incendiary update on garage/surf/psych, and we know these are styles that haven't been in short supply. If you can imagine the distortion-loaded melodies of, say, Crocodiles, the towering psych ambition that The Horrors showed on their most recent album and the most fervent of 60s freakbeat/surf bands all thrown together then you've almost got the size of the single. You just need to times that by ten. Wild Smiles don't write songs to fill spaces like Hyde Park, they write songs for the type of venues that the bands they idolise would have been more used to playing (take a few 00s of the Hyde Park capacity and you're there), but 'Take me Away' is undeniably huge without being pompous, and don't bet against their reverby sound echoing around inside a few thousand unsuspecting heads in a couple of weeks time.

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Sat 13th July - London - Hyde Park (Rolling Stones)
Sun 28th July - Stockton Weekender
Sat 3rd August - Euston - Big Tree Festival
Sat 17th August - Green Man Festival
Sat 14th Sept - Portsmouth - Southsea Festival

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