Friday, 5 July 2013

Hero Fisher - Fear Not Victorious

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"Hero Fisher is for fans of Nick Cave and Patti Smith." Well I guess that's not a bad bracket to be placed into, although it does conjure up visions of music that will be dark, sometimes uncomfortable, probably require repeat listens and fit a niche market. This is perhaps not quite the case with London singer-songwriter Hero Fisher, but you can see the comparison. Having spent a few years performing and, we assume, writing, what's not surprising is that this debut single sounds so complete and fully-realised, what is surprising is that it's taken so long for her to get to this stage. When the results are as good as this, perhaps such a lengthy gestation period has paid off.

'Fear Not Victorious' isn't a happy-clappy pop song, but we weren't expecting one, however it's not as morbid or bleak as perhaps those comparisons could have indicated, and it's also more approachable too. What Hero Fisher has succeeded in doing here is taking the mood of those sounds, added a warm and soulful vocal and made the whole song one steady build into something that becomes increasingly beautiful as it goes on. Following a brief break in the middle the song begins to swell once more, laced with carefully considered lyrics and a startling amount of atmosphere that, thanks to the lifting effect of the guitar, doesn't get bogged down in its own density. Debut singles aren't often as engaging as this.

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