Monday, 15 July 2013

Bloodflower - Horizon

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Now when I were a lad you weren't bombarded with music like you are now. So finding a good band felt like something of a triumph, and waiting for their next song resulted in anticipation. If you didn't want chart music then you'd have to find an evening show and hope they'd play the song you were after. Unless you bought the track, the chances of actually hearing it were slim. Now that every song ever is posted on YouTube or wherever, some of that magic gets lost. But there's still a certain excitement to be had in discovering a band early and watching them progress, and the new single from Bloodflower has done just that.

The Welsh electro-pop duo had been getting a bit of attention for ace first track 'Indigo' and as far as we know they have an album ready to go a some point. First though, here's their second single 'Horizon'. Mixing guitars in with the electronics they've crafted another vibrant song that possibly betters their first effort. There's enough of an alternative side to what they do to prevent them drowning in the ocean of other electro-pop groups and they seem to have better songs too. They'll soon be making their live debut at SWN, if you're heading along we suggest you check them out.

Bloodflower's website

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