Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Love Junkies - Maybelene

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Hype can be a wonderful thing, catapulting you to fame and into the lives of thousands of people in a short space of time, and when you're trying to make a living that involves engaging with the public (selling records and gig tickets in this instance) then it can make or break you. It can also be a burden, something you have to live up to and an expectation from fans that each release will be as good, if not better, than the last. That's not to mention stuffy muso types turning their noses up at any band who've been lucky enough to get their names mentioned in certain places or play certain venues. The Love Junkies have had a reasonable amount of hype, and now it's the hard part: capitalising on it and making sure the doubters are proved wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, the Aussie trio didn't appear from nowhere like some magical perfect parcel at the end of 2012, they've been together for nearly four years, so reports of a meteoric rise are greatly exaggerated. That said, it has only been the past year that things have started moving for the band, and now we arrive a new single 'Maybelene'. Hype justified? Well, just about. This is a grungy, dirty, bluesy rock track with a screamed vocal and a simple, repetitive melody. Some of the best songs ever have been the epitome of simplicity, so this is no criticism. The song is good, it's not a let down, but it's also far from being any kind of classic; 'Maybelene' is more the kind of song that will win the band a cult following who (as cult followings do) will go mad for anything and everything they do. In short: a good single, but far too early, and on this evidence, not quite enough to proclaim them next big things just yet.

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