Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sam Thomas - Gift

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The debut single by London's Sam Thomas was, as we said at the time, one of the best we'd heard for a while, and now he follows up 'I'm Gonna be A Witch' with a second single ahead of the release of his debut album 'Blind Theatre'. This is the point where we get to see if he's either a one trick pony or a one hit wonder. The answer to both questions is a resounding "no". Sure, you can tell it's the same artist (although if you were played this track blind and had to guess who it was, that would be a little trickier, but once you see the name it all falls into place) as he hasn't completely changed tack, but there are differences.

For example, 'Gift' is entirely instrumental (barring a distant robotic voice at the start which is difficult to make out, there are no words as such) and doesn't include as many of the samples that gave that extra magical edge to his first single. Also this song is ever so slightly more challenging despite many of the same sounds being used; there's more distortion and noise, the drums are hit harder and the guitars crunch more, they don't twinkle like they did before. That aspect is left to the piano which drops in a various points to lighten the song. Cramming so much into such a short track without it ever sounding rushed must be a difficult trick to master, but we now have the proof that Thomas can do it. Another stellar offering.

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