Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Great Dictators - Unfaithful

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Animated videos have spread through music like a plague of locusts recently, it's got to the point where each new clip containing cute characters (and the ones that are made with puppets are the worst of all) is slowly driving us insane. The new single from Copenhagen collective The Great Dictators has an animated video, but we're letting them off the hook. For 'Unfaithful' they've (or whoever the animator/director was) created a strange universe where these cute characters exist alongside morbid imagery, whether it's the beheading of cats (they come from hell apparently, due to the fact that they eat mice and birds), the mother angrily imagining her son masturbating or the cracking open of skulls, to the whole place being populated by a forest of bones. It's weird, and we like it.

The song's even better, a dark folk-rock song with the eerie sound of someone playing a saw throughout and production that brings out the very best of the song, especially towards the end when the arrangements are allowed to become a little more rich. 'Unfaithful' also marks a corner in the band's career, being the last single from the trilogy of EPs that were released in 2012, and will now give way to their debut album which will be released in the autumn. So this song can be considered the end of The Great Dictators' extended introductory period, as they now move onward and hopefully upwards. A few more songs of this standard should see them progress with ease.

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