Sunday 7 July 2013

Adna - The Prettiest

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When Swedish singer-songwriter Adna released her debut EP last year she was just 17 years old. Whether music is her long-term goal or not, she chose to focus on graduating from school, and with that now completed she can turn her attention more fully on to the music. There will be a trilogy of singles released in the lead-up to her debut album, and 'The Prettiest' is the first of these, to be followed by 'Dreamer' in August. All of these songs come accompanied by videos that were shot in the space of just a few days on a visit to Poland, but it's the music that will make her name.

We say that with a certain degree of confidence too; there are an awful lot of female singer-songwriters out there, and an awful lot of the best come from Sweden, so she's jostling for space. With a distinctive voice like this and with songs that have a subtle power to them, seeming to stealthily push their message upon you rather than shoving it in your face, there's every chance of Adna fighting her way to the top when it comes to alternative pop music. We're expecting a fair amount of press attention for the album, and Adna may find that she won't need her hard-earned graduation after all.

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