Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Divers - The Way You Are

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It's been a while coming but worth the wait. Next week will see London band The Divers release their second single, the follow up to 'A Little Better' from the end of last year. That track sounded as though it was influenced by the last couple of decades of US alt-rock, and the new one does too. But for proof that the band aren't one-dimensional then look no further than B-side 'Castle In The Air'. This tender track is full of feeling and moves from a strummed intro to a floaty, dreamy chorus which then sees the song pick up and adds an air of relaxed mystery, steadily building with a guitar solo and some decent harmonies.

The main focus though, is lead-track 'The Way You Are', and if pushed we'd say this is the best of the three songs we've heard from them thus far. They don't hold back here, switching into full-on electric band format, with a sound that compares to Sugar and maybe even Swervedriver in the way that subtle feedback is used to add texture to the track. It's got another big chorus too, along with another guitar solo, and they clearly have an understanding or how to use solos as assets (i.e. don't be a massive show off just for the sake of it). The Divers are turning into a very promising band.

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