Thursday 18 July 2013

Kynchinlay - Leave Me Alone

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As previously mentioned, Liverpool's Kynchinlay released their first EP in 2010... and then there was silence. They marked their return with an excellent single earlier this year, and now seem to be gaining momentum and picking up more press, so maybe the hiatus was worth it. Their second single of the year, 'Leave Me Alone', is out next week, so we can assume that the band probably got a few more tunes in the bag and might just be leading up to another EP or maybe even an album.

'Leave Me Alone' seems quite slow to start, with deep, rumbling drums and scratchy strumming, but it builds and gets better as time goes on. This is similar to the technique they successfully used on 'Public Execution'. There are a few summery "ba ba ba bas" included which adds a little light to the shade of their post-punk sound, and they're also no novices when it comes to throwing in a decent chorus. Following a short moment of downtime, the track comes back bigger and better with everything, including some neat harmonies, thrown together for the finale. We'll happily take more of the same please.

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