Thursday, 18 July 2013

Echotape - Love Is Leaving

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Echotape are one of those bands who should, by rights, be a lot better known than they are. Maybe in another time and place they would be, or maybe they will be in time. With a string of very good singles (you can check back to 'Spinning'/'Awakening' and 'Far From Heaven' using those links) and a well-received debut album in 'Collective', they haven't really put a foot wrong yet. Hopefully word-of-mouth is doing its thing, as the London band could be very big news. Perhaps new single 'Love Is Leaving' will help them leave a mark on the minds of a few more music fans.

Our review of the album began with the word "epic", and it fits pretty much everything they do, however, if you're thinking blustery U2-sized rock then they're not quite as self-important as that; Echotape are concentrating purely on making sure the songs are good. And with some sweeping verses and an expansive chorus they're managing to do this in a totally credible and, importantly, highly likable way. 'Love Is Leaving' is another big tune by a band who only seem to make big tunes, you don't get half measures with Echotape, it's probably time a few more people took notice.

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