Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Deer Tracks - W

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Although released earlier in the year in some countries, it's only recently that Swedish band The Deer Tracks have made the third part of their 'Archer Trilogy' officially available in the UK. The group are an ever changing bunch, revolving around the two core (and only permanent) members David Lehnberg & Elin Lindfors. One of the album's highlights is 'W', a track that has now been given a video for an extra push for the band, and if you're yet to hear them, then they're worth the effort, having gained a large following worldwide and touring extensively. So hopefully this single will bring them a few new fans.

As the duo write, record, play and produce the music almost entirely on their own, they have complete artistic control. In capable hands this is always the best way to be. And these hands are very capable; 'W' is a terrific modern alternative pop song that could maybe be called trip-hop, and certainly can compare to artists in that genre. The beats and electronics are experimental but The Deer Tracks don't forget the song either. Even stripped down to a simple voice and guitar/piano this would be a haunting and fragile song, but with these bigger beats and layers of production it becomes far more robust. The vocals are gold too.

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