Sunday, 7 July 2013

Luna Green - Goblins Fruit/Green Eyes

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Whether it's intentional or not, Swedish artist Luna Green is incredibly enigmatic; she doesn't even appear to have a website. And as this double A-side is her first release the we've only got a press release to go off for information. Signed to National Records in Sweden but also linked to EMI, this could be a sign that big things are expected. There's normally an opportunity to make money involved when the majors start sniffing around. Apparently Luna Green has spent much of her life travelling, from small Swedish islands to New York and Tokyo, plus much more. So she probably has a few stories to tell.

The two songs here show that she can do diversity. 'Goblins Fruit' is a soulful and folky uptempo number that straddles the worlds of alt-pop/indie and folk, and does so with confidence and skill. It's the most immediate here and probably the best of the two as well. 'Green Eyes' is by no means a bad tune, but it is a bit less exciting, seeming to draw on jazz and easy listening singers of the past. She has the voice to carry it off though, although if it was up to us we'd like to see her experimenting with new sounds that little bit more. There's no denying there's talent here.

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