Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Belligerents - All I Have

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Whether you call it a baptism of fire or just a great learning experience, Brisbane's The Belligerents bagged themselves a few impressive support slots before they'd released a proper single, as we mentioned when we covered freebie 'Ghost VS' a few weeks back. Well now the first official single from their forthcoming EP (set for an October release) is here. It's called 'All I Have' and makes for a great follow-up to their free offering, treading a similar indie/alternative mixed with electro-pop path as before, only this one's a better song. It makes you wonder whether they have anything even more exciting planned for the EP.

With a stammering beat the song buzzes into existence with deft, '80s style guitar strums that could have come from Talking Heads. That's not the only time you're led to think of that decade; the synths in the lead up to the chorus have something about them that recalls Van Halen's 'Jump'. The rest of the song, for better or worse, doesn't. Despite the odd hark back to sounds of the past, the combination of all the parts to this song makes it feel thoroughly modern; almost psych-pop even. Plus they add a subtle complexity to the song which shows they're a cut above the norm. Another very promising track.

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Jul 06 Kittens @ Spectrum, Sydney, Australia  
Aug 15 Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, Australia  
Aug 17 Sol Bar, Maroochydore, Australia  
Aug 30 Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide, Australia  
Aug 31 Secret Warehouse Party, Melbourne, Australia

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