Sunday, 7 July 2013

Terracotta Blue - Andromeda Girl/Angel Eyes

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Isn't "terracotta" actually used as a colour in itself, meaning that Terracotta Blue doesn't exist? Not having a paint chart to study I can't back that up, but we're here to talk about the guy's music not his name. As previously mentioned, Terracotta Blue is from Washington DC and works as a DJ and remixer too, with his true passion being hip-hop. So it was with a little surprise that 'Swan Aria', the song we covered before, was actually more of an electronic soundscape, but when you see his workings it all makes sense, so here's a handy little equation from his Bandcamp page: "Terracotta Blue = hip-hop (the grittiness) + down-tempo (the mood) + chillwave (the nostalgic escapism).

The opening thirty seconds of 'Andromenda Girl' couldn't really be described any better, so he's clearly thought about what he wants to do and the succeeded in doing it. Both songs here are instrumental (there is a sampled voice hiding in the back of 'Andromena Girl' but it's there as an instrument more than anything and doesn't contain lyrics). The song, as described, has a big beat, a late-night mood and that misty nostalgia. Adding some organ, 'Angel Eyes' uses the same formula of chunky, laid-back beats and sparkling piano and synths in the distance. It brings with it a warm glow. If we had to split the songs it would need a game of "paper, scissors, stone"; both are worthy winners.

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