Thursday, 4 July 2013

No Middle Name - Another Season

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Our (and presumably the world's, as it was his first track made public) introduction to No Middle Name, the solo project of David Bailey from The Title Sequence, was an odd one. Free download 'When Forever Ends' combined lounge music, dreampop and a Beatles sample, but the result was pleasantly surprising. Shortly after he offered up more free goodies, like a shady dealer of music, giving us free tasters to get us hooked so we keep returning for more. This song was the more conventional and quite brilliant psych-pop of 'Feels Like The 90's Again'. Now that we're reeled in, he's releasing his first proper single.

'Another Season' will be with us next week and marks a trio of very good and quite different songs. Not as off-the-wall as his first effort, and not as psychedelic (in a sunkissed way, not an acid-frazzled one) as his second, this song is a dreamy indie number which combines contagious melodies with an unusual array of backing vocals and some interesting sound effects, marking it out as being a little different from your regular indie/alternative sounds. The timing is spot on too, and this track gives off a sunny glow that makes it perfect for both baking hot days in the sun and the mild and magical nights that can go with them. Consider the early potential fulfilled.

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