Friday, 5 July 2013

Athletes In Paris - S U Z I E

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I wonder what the chances of Sunderland becoming the UK's capital of culture are in the next few years? Outside of the usual suspects (London, Manchester etc.) the city seems to have one of the most thriving music scenes in the UK. Much has been made of Birmingham's current influence, but we're hearing more from Sunderland and Brighton who could be another contender, and this is bearing in mind that both have much smaller populations that the second city. Athletes In Paris are one band from this diverse scene, and in their case the music is light-hearted and dancefloor-oriented indie/pop. They follow up previous single 'Borrowed Time' with another from recent album 'Head Bowl Custard'.

It's worth checking the video for 'S U Z I E' as opposed to just the music, as they manage to turn what could be scenes from a tongue-in-cheek horror movie into a joyous singalong full of "Ooooh ooohs" and guitars that could happily be described as jaunty. It's another lively track that combines their knack for melody with a refreshingly unselfconscious approach to making music. They want their tunes to be fun and they want people to enjoy them. They probably don't care quite so much about what the press think, but as vast swathes of the public share this opinion then their way of doing things not only suits them, it will probably see them continue to grow the fanbase that they've steadily accumulated in the past few years. You can only applaud a band for doing things on their own terms.

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Jul 06 AAA @ Arch Angel, London, United Kingdom

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