Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Math and Physics Club - Long Drag

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Ahead of the release of new album 'Our Hearts Beat Out Loud', Seattle band Math and Physics Club release their first single for three years. Showing a certain amount of diversity, the two songs on this new 7" are quite different from each other. B-side 'Across The Paper' is based around a subtle ukulele and a vocal melody, although it wouldn't really fall into the folk category, it's a pop song all the way and sounds like a personal message to a lost (or maybe never found) love. With a plodding bass and twinkles of percussion, the track is kept fairly stripped-back and this suits it perfectly, putting the focus onto the lyrics and the tune as opposed to the arrangements.

However sweet it may be, it doesn't quite match 'Long Drag' (as you'd maybe expect from an A-side...) which still remains reasonably bare compared to some indie/alt-rock tracks, but this is really a testament to the strength of the song; it doesn't need bells and whistles to make it interesting. Straddling the worlds of college-rock and classic guitar-pop, 'Long Drag' is thoroughly American in sound and the handclaps even touch on '60s girl groups, but maybe if they'd been covered by Pavement. It's a welcome return and bodes well for the new album.

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