Wednesday 17 July 2013

Theatre Royal - Here It Comes

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Theatre Royal's album 'At The End Of A River, The Sea...' can be considered one of the great unsung heroes of 2012. It was a sterling effort, chock-full of masterful songwriting. Since then the band's attentions have turned to the recording of a follow-up, and they emerged from the studio this week with a brand new single in the bag. There's no date set yet, but the plan is to make the track available sooner rather than later, and fans of the band (as well as those yet to hear them) will surely be eager to get their hands on it. 'Here It Comes' proves that the the band are hardly stalling when it comes to the writing process.

With their trademark strong sense of melody and knack for a big chorus, this track already sounds classic, recalling The Waterboys and mid-period Teenage Fanclub, and is full of zest. There's a huge sense of optimism about the track, especially the grand chorus which repeats "here it comes, here it comes, I can feel the morning sun" as though it's the most important message in the world. Taking pieces from the worlds of indie, Celtic folk, rock and pop, this is a song that could well appeal across the board. It's about time that Theatre Royal were given a bit more credit and respect, and going on this early indicator, perhaps their third album will be the one to break through the wall.

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