Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fur Trade - Kids These Days

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'Kids These Days' are very good at dancing if the rather fab video is anything to go by. Fur Trade are a Canadian duo comprising of Hot Hot Heat singer Steve Bays and Parker Bossley from The Gay Nineties. Apparently the pair joined up a few years ago under the name of Electric Indians and this video was made then, only to be shelved until their reemergence as Fur Trade this year, so maybe the girl has featured in a few more videos since. She could be a star in the making.

The track 'Kids These Days' is the first to be taken from their debut EP 'Don't Get Heavy' which is out next week. You can hear the similarities to Hot Hot Heat and also a little bit of Beck about the big beats and the guitar. There are a few genres spliced together here and a memorable chorus. It does sound like a reasonably chilled song but still manages to be danceable (as the video proves) and by the sounds of things, Fur Trade have captured the essence of modern alternative music. Even if the song originated a few years ago it sounds remarkably current.

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