Monday, 1 July 2013

Lovelier Other - Wonderkind

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It wasn't just us with our penchant for all things dreampop who fell for the debut single by Lovelier Other over the winter. Both 'Leave this Behind' and its follow-up 'Hidden Shelters' can be found here if you're yet to sample these fine tunes. After a few months of silence the duo return with their third track 'Wonderkind' and the news that they have a debut EP planned for later this year. The EP will be called 'Effort' and we're expecting something of a hype frenzy surrounding its release. The world of obscure music blogs like us have already got them well marked out as a band to expect greatness from, so surely the wider media will follow suit.

It could all be a disaster of course, and it could be that the tracks on the EP are sub-standard and that the early recordings were a fluke. This is seeming incredibly unlikely though, we have to assume that at least one, if not all three singles so far will be included. It would be a waste not to push them out to a wider audience. So Lovelier Other already have most of an amazing first EP in the can. 'Wonderkind' is chiming guitars, a gently bobbing melody, some shimmery effects and sounds not unlike Beach House (but not close enough to be considered a rip off). So basically the stage is all set for them. Now we just wait for the full thing to arrive and see what the newspapers and magazines make of it. We'll have a tenner on glowing reviews all round.

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