Monday, 1 July 2013

Kid Francescoli - Blow Up

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We have to give full marks to the video director for this one. With the music promo world getting flooded with film involving puppets and animation, or your regular band performance videos with some kind of supposedly interesting angle to them, here we get a mini adventure that's actually quite gripping and mysterious. Some aspects of it I'm still to figure out, but it's included below, so take a look. Kid Francescoli is a musician and producer from Marseille, and as we all know, France is currently throwing out some of the best electro-pop in the world. Kid Francescoli's current single 'Blow Up' is no different, in fact if you shun the single edit and head for the full version found in the video it's actually one of the best songs of it's genre that we've heard for a while.

There's no doubting that the odd love story and enigmatic, clue-laden video story bolster its cause, but the song itself can stand on its own two feet and still be head and shoulders above most others. There's something about the near monotone vocals and the beat that give a hypnotic effect. It's surprising how much atmosphere you can create by toning things down like this; you'd think the opposite would be the case. 'Blow Up' can be comfortably played on repeat and doesn't begin to wane with familiarity like some other more disposable electro-pop, and this is probably down to the fact that 'Blow Up' doesn't seem to be self-consciously shaping itself to appeal to the widest audience possible. It could be that this approach actually has the opposite effect and adds to the attraction of the song. Proof that sticking to your guns instead of trying to engineer your music for a specific market can pay great dividends.

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