Monday, 1 July 2013

Crushed Beaks - Tropes

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In September, London duo Crushed Beaks will be releasing their debut EP 'Tropes'. Being manufacturers of lo-fi sounding guitar-based music, it might not seem like the most exciting prospect on the musical horizon, as they're far from alone in that respect. But if we skip back to single 'Breakdown' from the start of the year, and then listen to new song 'Tropes' you could easily be convinced that you were listening to two different groups. We not talking Enya compared to Cradle Of Filth or anything; it's still lo-fi guitar music, only punkier, more rabid and more vital. If there's one thing that this branch of the musical tree could do with right now it's variation, so maybe these guys are the ones to supply it.

'Tropes' is a corker of a tune too. It sounds shambolic, hectic and held together with bits of sellotape and blue-tack, but it's also bristling with energy, spirit and enthusiasm. There's the merest hint of The Libertines in their earliest incarnation, and also this song sounds kind of like The Vaccines dragged through a hedge backwards. These are probably not comparisons the band will be happy with, but the fact is that they create similarly melodic tunes, they just do so (in this instance at least) at breakneck speed and with scant regard for high-grade production. In short, 'Tropes' is an exciting song, and although we've only heard two tracks by Crushed Beaks, it already seems as though they're destined to take the alternative music world by storm, although maybe not the charts. They're not shiny enough for that, and that's no bad thing.

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FRI 12 JUL Leefest 2013, Warlingham, UK
TUE 30 JUL Madame JoJo's, London, UK
FRI 09 AUG Knee Deep Festival 2013, Cornwall, UK
THU 19 SEP The Lexington, London, UK

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