Friday, 12 July 2013

Kevin Pearce - Peaceful Skies

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When you think of folk music you generally think of earthy, old-fashioned and increasingly boring music (that's not to say there are no good folk artists, but certain chart stars are ruining things by not really understanding the genre). Kevin Pearce considers himself a folk artist, but we'd be more inclined to use that term a little more loosely, as this may involve an acoustic guitar, but that's about as close as it gets. There are a lot of electronic sounds on new single 'Peaceful Skies', but folktronica doesn't work as a label. So what does?

Perhaps future-folk or space-folk might summarise this tune better. The style and the effects would also lend themselves to dreampop, so Pearce is managing to cover a lot of bases with this one. Regardless of pigeonholes, 'Peaceful Skies' is a very good song, part Grandaddy, part Mercury Rev, part lots of things, and with unexpected, hyperactive percussion that sounds like it shouldn't be there but actually fits really well. This is definitely a single that shows great imagination, and judging by the title, 'Matthew Hopkins and the Wormhole (Act One)', his new album will do the same.

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