Friday, 12 July 2013

Vuvuvultures - Steel Bones

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In February when we gave you a bit of a preview as to what we could expect from Vuvuvultures debut album, there was really nothing concrete. They'd released an EP and bagged some decent tour support slots. The song, 'Stay Still', was very promising and would apparently be appearing on their debut album which was apparently at an advanced stage and would be released sometime this year. Well we now know when that sometime is: it's July 29th. What's a little confusing is that the enigmatic band don't appear to have made a tracklisting available, and they're saying that 'Steel Bones' is the album's first single. So whether 'Stay Still' made the cut we're not sure, but if you skip back and listen to it, you can then go and download it from Amazon if you wish, so it is available one way or another.

'Steel Bones' is going to be on 'Push/Pull', so does it tell us much that we didn't already know? Not really. It's a top tune and once again they throw loads into the song, from electronic and normal beats, distorted bass, guitars, synths, bleeps, bloops, warm vocals and a great big chorus. It's a genre-defying alternative pop hit but it doesn't tie their colours to any particular mast, so maybe the album will be an iconoclastic style-hopping mash-up of anything and everything. We hope it is, because then we could be faced with something genuinely new and exciting. For now though, we've got another decent single to enjoy.

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Catch them live:

SAT 13 JUL The Empire Middlesbrough, UK
FRI 19 JUL Tramlines 2013, Sheffield, UK
FRI 19 JUL Tramlines 2013, Sheffield, UK
SAT 27 JUL Hoxton Hall, London, UK
TUE 30 JUL Rough Trade East, London, UK

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