Friday 12 July 2013

Oliver Wilde - Perrett's Brook

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Well this is far more impressive than it lets on at first. Oliver Wilde is from Bristol and he likes to think of his music as "lo-fi dad-rock" which is possibly something of an oxymoron. But thinking about it, what was once considered dad-rock is now probably granddad-rock, and being a father myself, I certainly grew up listening to lo-fi sounds and indie/alternative music. So perhaps he's got his description bang on. Time has passed and a generation has shifted since the mid-'90s when Weller and co. were be being unceremoniously labelled as "dad-rock" by a music press looking for more forward thinking bands than Oasis and their ilk. If 'Perrett's Brook' is to be dad-rock, them I reckon the dads have better taste than the kids, as this is ace.

There's no real intro to this song, it just seems to start part way through a slow instrumental section and is then joined by some lazy and understated vocals. Like I said, it doesn't seem that spectacular at this point. Slowly but surely more effects find their way onto the song until it's not unlike Mercury Rev or Flaming Lips when both were at their peak. Suddenly it takes things higher, allowing these effects to take over the song and resulting in some kind of psychedelic dreampop that fizzes and hums yet never loses its melody or direction. It's the perfect advertisement to his album 'A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears' which is out on July 22nd. Why not buy it to embarrass your kids with...

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