Thursday 18 July 2013

Amber - Noah EP

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With their eldest member being only 20, Amber could well have a long future ahead of them. You can't predict inter-band fallout, "musical differences" or the general obstacles that life can throw in the way, but should they keep sailing in these clear waters they've got all the time in the world, and they've got the talent too. Having met at University in Nottingham, they spent the end of last year working on their sound and are now set to release debut EP 'Noah' this coming week. The four tracks here sound mature yet fresh, and this is despite the fact that they could be tagged as a part of the vast indie-folk scene which is gradually becoming less and less interesting. Maybe Amber can breathe new life into it with these songs.

The title-track shows what ambition they have; it's quite majestic and grand with a deft lyrical touch. There's little doubt they'll build a strong fanbase with music of this calibre and intricacy. They become more electric on 'Kites', although this song isn't quite as big, instead showing that they can put together some nice harmonies and fill their songs with plenty of feeling; it's another high quality piece of writing and arranging. 'Little Ghost' is a definite highlight, swelling from the simplicity of guitar and voice to add layers of sound and vocals but never becoming cluttered. With its desolate intro and booming beats, 'Champion' feels like the perfect closing track and has a cinematic feel to it, with the band again using spaciousness to great effect. They have the ability to go a long way.

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