Friday, 5 July 2013

Caledonia Rising: Scotland in Sound

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With numerous epic bands to its credit, Scotland continues to be flowing with music. While traditional Celtic melody may be the first thing that pops into your mind, Caledonia remains a place where music is alive and well, yet is as diverse as the personalities living there. Soak it up y’all since Scotland seems to be embracing those following her upward development. ~ WayOutWest

Frantic Chant – Circlesong

Frantic Chant’s website

Collar Up – The Fear of Love

Collar Up’s website

The Vandal – I Go Stupid

The Vandal’s website

The Girobabies – What Victor Said

The Girobabies’ website

The Awkwards – In a Year or So

The Awkwards’ website

Helicon – Emily

Helicon’s website

Pure Dead Brilliant – Shifting Moon

Pure Dead Brilliant’s website

Simon Atkinson & The Foundryman's Apprentice – The Pawnbroker

Simon Atkinson & The Foundryman's Apprentice’s website

The Highway Chilé - The Lucky One

The Highway Chilé's website

Electric Clowns – The Scenes Been Built For You

Electric Clowns’ website

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