Friday, 5 July 2013

Andy Burrows - Keep On Moving On

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Gone are the days when a band can keep on promoting an album by releasing singles from it over the course of the following year or two (not that it stops certain pop stars), so bearing in mind that his album 'Company' was released back in October, it's a smart move on Andy Burrows' part to re-record one of the highlights (and there were many, the man is on a roll at the moment) from said album to release as his next single, thus promoting 'Company' and giving fans something new in one fell swoop. Released on August 5th, this new version of 'Keep On Moving On' also comes with a video, further proof of a willingness not to to simply rip fans off with a lack of effort.

Taking into account the title of the track and also its propelling rhythm and handclaps, a road-trip video fits like a glove, particularly one filmed on his recent excursion to America (a trip around the M25 probably wouldn't have the desired effect). 'Keep On Moving On' (considering Burrows is thought of as an "indie" act) is a soulful number in many ways. Partly the lyrics, but mostly the music. There are vintage soul sounds hidden away in the mix here, from the organ to the more upfront brass, yet the song doesn't feel dated or retro in the slightest, more a modern version of classic songwriting and arranging. It's a splendid choice for a single from a man who is continuing to excel.

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Jul 06 Festival de Beschaving, Utrecht, Netherlands
Jul 16 Vierdaagse Feesten , Nymegen, Netherlands
Aug 02 Belladrum Festival, Inverness, UK
Aug 09 Boardmasters Festival, Newquay, UK
Aug 17 Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Belgium
Aug 18 Bos Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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