Thursday, 18 July 2013

Julie Hawk - Take Off Your Suit

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Irish-born singer-songwriter Julie Hawk isn't short on talent. Not content with having a great voice and being able to pen some fine tunes, she's also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, beginning her foray into music by taking to piano aged just five. Her self-titled EP from earlier this year shows that the hard work paid off and it contained a set of accomplished songs that drew on many different influences, yet all of them with deep roots in tradition. What she did with the music is bring it up to date and although you could hear the past, you could hear the present even more so. Free single 'Take Off Your Suit' continues very much in the same vein.

The sharp, stammering beat and spiralling guitar lines are inventive and classic all at once, but the main focal point is Julie Hawk's voice, wisely pushed high into the mix. As well as a vessel to convey the lyrics, Hawk's vocals are as much an instrument as anything else here, with a wide range and changing volume that seems to dance about in much the same way that Kate Bush does. It's probably not the first time that comparison has been drawn. As the song progresses a change takes place and everything begins to surge forward as though on the attack, and then suddenly stops, leaving you wanted more, just as any good song should.

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