Monday 15 July 2013

Al Lover - Snake Hands (feat. White Fence)

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There have been many times on this site that we've heaped praise on the prolific White Fence (and also the inter-connected Darker My Love) so it was likely that a project they chose to collaborate on was going to be a good one, and it is. The only downside is that 'Snake Hands' is our introduction to Al Lover, a Californian who's been making music for a while, meaning we've missed out on a few tunes, and he seems to have a good grasp of original, modern psychedelia. So although this is his official debut single, there are a few other goodies on his Bandcamp page.

As part of a double A-side single with another song, 'Vodun Moon', 'Snake Hands' features the music of Al Lover combined with guitar and vocals from Tim Presley of the two aforementioned bands. It's a complex and interwoven song with a million things going on at once. You've got electrified guitar being laced through cluttered percussion that sounds like some manic, voodoo ritual. This comes with an assortment of sound effects, scratches and plenty of things we can't identify. Sometimes things are best kept simple, but at other times there's nothing better than getting messy and throwing as much at a song as you can. This is definitely the latter and it's definitely a triumph.

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