Sunday, 5 May 2013

Yevtushenko - One Cup Of Coffee

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"One cup of coffee leads to two, started early now it's afternoon...". Ah yes, coffee. That most dangerous of gateway drugs and destroyer of lives. Yevtushenko are an experimental band from Chicago and the single 'One Cup Of Coffee' is taken from their recent EP 'Do.'; it comes with a video, and one that leaves us scratching our heads somewhat. This minimalist number begins with little more than some crude percussion and waves of gentle guitar fuzz. The part of the video for this section of the song is simply a woman taking a shower. No NSFW warnings needed, it's not graphic and all shot through streamed-up glass.

Around half way through, the until now repetitive song bursts into life with more distortion, more fuzz, wavering guitar and the general feel of something that could have come from a mid-period Spacemen 3 album. Here the video changes too, from the amateurish bathroom scene to some blurry shots of trees and flowers, all obscured by sunlight. When this mid-section ends the song reverts back to the basics it began with, and so does the filming, as the woman behind the glass turns around and wipes the condensation away to reveal her face. It's a good song, and a very interesting one. But if you thought we were joking about the dangers of coffee, have a look at the video to see its potential effect on the brain.

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THU 09 MAY Skylark Cafe & Club, Seattle, WA, US
FRI 24 MAY Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, Seattle, WA, US
FRI 31 MAY Slabtown, Portland, OR, US

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