Friday, 3 May 2013

We Are The Wilderness - Just For Now

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We're assured that Brooklyn band We are The Wilderness are "gloom pop", however this new single, while not being the most cheerful song in the world, is hardly gloomy. But having had a sneak preview of the album we can confirm that they, on first impressions at least, have mastered the art of gloom pop quite well. Sounds dull and boring? Well just remember that some of the most startling, imaginative and just downright amazing albums have been born from emotions such as gloom, depression and despair. That album, 'Descending From Paramount', is out next week, so let's take a look at the single.

The video is worth a mention, mixing real life with computer games, the heroine (and singer) seems to flit between reality and some kind of Sonic The Hedgehog world where coins are to be collected and bright colours rule (quick warning, it's got flashing lights if you're sensitive to those!). Oddly it fits the song, but this is not some 8-bit, retro electronica track, 'Just For Now' is a very modern piece of alternative pop with soul in its voice and guitars to give it a coarse appeal, not to mention changing beats. Much like the intriguing hybrid world of the promo, the song is a neatly blended mix too.

We Are The Wilderness' website

'Descending From Paramount' will be available next week from Bandcamp

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