Thursday, 16 May 2013

Violas - Keeping Me From Sleep

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Welsh band Violas released their 'Nos Somina' EP last year and single 'Keeping Me From Sleep' has got us wondering why they haven't received a bit more attention. They've had the regular journalistic shortcuts thrown at them (you know, the type that we use, like "dreamy" and "ethereal") and this is true to a point, although generally words such as these are reserved for dreampop and shoegaze, and this song doesn't quite fit either of those pigeonholes, even though there's a likelihood that fans of those genres might just get a taste for these guys too.

The Cardiff quintet do have a full sound and 'Keeping Me From Sleep' is something of a journey. It begins with a steady fade-in which is joined by guitars and note perfect vocals. Then the bass drum starts thudding and more layers are added; skip forward a couple of minutes and the drums pick up, the guitar follows suit and before you know it we have an impressive alt-rock song on our hands. They're not following the verse, chorus,verse format and seem to let the music dictate where the song goes. It's a tidy trick and one that deserves more recognition than it currently has.

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