Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Map Room - Pilot

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Coming to us from New Zealand are guitar-pop duo The Map Room who have spent the winter (or I suppose summer in that part of the world) working on their debut album and getting in some gigging experience with their four-piece live band. The album is set for release in the summer (that's Northern Hemisphere summer) and will be preceded by another single any time now. But back to the matter in hand, the pair's debut offering, 'Pilot'.

The first thing we learn about The Map Room is that they're pretty good when it comes to harmonies. This song is crawling with them and is all the better for it. As a whole, 'Pilot' is a mid-paced number which, depending on your opinion, will be a little bit too middle-of-the-road and polite, or will be dreamy guitar music that belongs in the same bracket as Fleet Foxes and their associates. We're headed towards the latter at the moment and think this is a fine first offering. I guess we'll see their true colours before very long.

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