Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Cold One Hundred - Marilyn/Mary In The Garden

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Salford quintet The Cold One Hundred gave us a bit of a progress report earlier this year with the release of the single 'Carson', a likable piece of modern indie, but they've gone one better with the new single 'Marylin'/'Mary In The Garden'. If you're looking for well-made, colourful and vibrant guitar-pop then you're looking in the right place, and it's starting to become obvious how they've already built up a decent list of support slots. 'Marylin' isn't a challenge, you don't need to dissect it or give it repeat plays before it catches your attention. It hits you first time.

This isn't to say it's in any way simple or obvious, in fact making credible songs that strike a chord on first play is a tough challenge; they'd get high marks for this bubbling, melodic and sprightly track. Doing it once in one release it good enough, but 'Mary In The Garden' just about matches it. Again this is instantly catchy and mixes indie sounds with a little more experimentation. Just because they're blokes from Manchester it doesn't mean they have to live the stereotype, and they don't. The Cold One Hundred are sounding freash here and an exciting prospects. We'll be writing about bands who've been lucky enough to land support slots with them before long.

The Cold One Hundred's website

The release date for the 'Marylin' EP has been pushed back to June 24th to accommodate new material.

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