Thursday, 2 May 2013

Siôn Russell Jones - So Long

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It's enough to drive us insane. Really it is. Yes there have been brief periods in history where blokes singing acoustic-type songs have been high points in music. Some people might point to Dylan, I'd point to Neil Young (in his non-electric guise of course), but we're getting bombarded with these now that any halfwit with a computer can get a song "out there". We keep deriding them, we keep politely declining their requests for features, yet still they come and we tear our hair out. Especially when it's someone like Siôn Russell Jones who's a bloke who writes songs with an acoustic guitar, but then has the cheek to go and be so flipping good at it.

It renders all our previous slaggings of the genre as strange paradoxes in our musical vision. 'So Long' is sickly sweet; the vocals sound like they were done by Simon & Garfunkel and instead of letting tedious strumming drive the song, he lets it drive itself. That point possibly requires elaboration, so basically what we're saying is that there is no focal point. No big riff, no catchy chorus, no vocal acrobatics, no sweeping orchestral ending; just one whole, solid, spellbindingly lovely song that is ruled by arrangements that are so subtle and yet so perfect that we're annoyed with ourselves. Siôn Russell Jones, stop being such an anomaly!

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