Friday 17 May 2013

Lumin Bells - Hold You Inside

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'Somehow The Same', a track from Merseyside band Lumin Bells, was mightily impressive and received a glowing review from us a couple of weeks back. It was good to find that, even though they don't appear to have been together for very long, there's more material available. 'Hold You Inside' is a close cousin to the splendid 'Somehow The Same' and conjures up a similar atmosphere; an otherworldly glow where everything is understated yet radiates warmth. And once again the artwork is a magical looking image that suits the sound brilliantly.

The sextet seem to have an understanding that, although there are a lot of them, they needn't all jostle for space; essentially that sometimes less is more. Again the guitars and percussion are barely there and the voices are toned down, but when they operate in unison a choral effect is achieved. It's another spellbinding tune that feels mysterious, simply because it's so delicately put together. Little bit of a hunch here: Lumin Bells probably aren't heading for a string of number one singles, but wider media praise is well within their grasp and a cult following should come with it.

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